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Ordering using an FTP Account

If you don't use Windows operating system on your computer, or you simply prefer to upload image files to our ftp server for printing, we will set up an ftp account for your studio, and you may use any ftp client program (e.g. Fetch or WS_FTP) to transfer your images. The image files you send do not need to be a specific size or resolution. We suggest you send only jpg files, which transfer much faster than TIF, PSD or RAW files.

  1. Call Customer Service: 800-793-0112. We will setup your ftp login name and password.

  2. Create a folder with today's date, and subfolders names of print sizes/quantity. Then drag each image file into the appropriate folder.

  3. Send an email to Frank with your studio name and account number and a brief description of your order.

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