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Labtricity® Ordering using Darkroom Software for Windows

The Camera Shop Pro Lab has partnered with ExpressDigital® to offer Darkroom, a powerful program for the professional photographer. Darkroom is available in four editions:

  • Darkroom Web Edition (Free) now renamed as PhotoReflect Labtricity Edition
  • Darkroom Core Edition
  • Darkroom Professional Edition
  • Darkroom Assembly Edition

All four editions have the same basic functionality, including the ability to:

  • Create catalogs of your images
  • Edit the color, exposure, contrast and cropping of images using simple, efficient tools
  • No need to size images in Photoshop because Darkroom takes care of sizing automatically
  • Add border templates and text to images *
  • Convert color images to Black & White or Sepia with one mouse click
  • Order prints from The Camera Shop via high-speed internet connection or on CD
  • Create your unique internet storefront for selling your portraits online

PhotoReflect Labtricity Edition is free. Just Click here and "Download Full Version." You will find instructions for setting up Darkroom Web Edition on our Darkroom Setup page.

* Note: Darkroom Web Edition allows you to use border templates included in the program, supplied by The Camera Shop, or purchased from template vendors. To create your own border templates for use in Darkroom, you must purchase the Core, Professional or Assembly edition.

Darkroom Core, Professional and Assembly editions are available from The Camera Shop at a discounted price. Click here to view the additional features of those programs

You may download a trial version of these programs, which run in "Evaluation Mode" until you purchase the program. When purchasing the software, you receive a Software Protection Key which plugs into your computer's USB port, unlocking all of the program's features. Remember, if you need the specific features available in Darkroom Core, Professional or Assembly edition, The Camera Shop offers a discount to our Pro Lab clients.

Call Customer Service at 800-793-0112 to setup your Labtricity Pro Lab account.

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