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The Camera Shop Pro Lab

Welcome to The Camera Shop Pro Lab, serving professional photographers nationwide.

Established in 1947, The Camera Shop offers a wide selection of digital and conventional pro lab services. For digital photography, our internet ordering system utilizes powerful Darkroom® software by ExpressDigital.

We offer four Kodak paper options for your professional prints:

1. Kodak Endura Professional, Lustre Finish

Most professional photographers prefer this option. Endura paper bears a copyright watermark on the back: "Professional images are copyrighted-do not copy". The texture of the Lustre finish discourages copying or scanning.

2. Kodak Endura Professional, Metallic Finish

Metallic paper has a stunning, super-glossy finish, and an extremely durable paper base that is almost impossible to tear. Kodak's special emulsion formulation adds an eye-catching metallic appearance which works well with bright colors and high-contrast images.

3. Kodak Royal Paper, Matte Finish

Royal paper is thicker than Endura paper. The backprint bears a gold-colored watermark: "Kodak Royal Paper". Matte finish resists fingerprints.

4. Kodak Royal Paper, Glossy Finish

Incorporating the same heavy paper stock and gold watermark as the Matte finish, the Glossy finish is preferred by some photographers for sports and commercial work.

Please contact us to establish your Camera Shop Pro Lab account.

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